Managed Solutions for You

Our mantra is “relief and results.” We do all the heavy lifting for our clients, require minimal interaction from them, and deliver best-in-class results. Simply put, we work for you.

Beyond our essential Rainboost offering, we also work with clients to customize work in the following areas:

  • Brand Story Telling. We specialize in simplifying your message, creating sales team alignment, conducting customer research, consolidating multiple product/service lines, staff development, and empowering growth through better messaging.
  • Email Marketing and Nurturing Campaigns. Acquiring the names of prospects and customers gives businesses the opportunity to connect with them efficiently and effectively. We have years of experience running very successful campaigns.
  • Social Media and Search Engine Marketing. In a world where things change constantly, social media is the official frontier of change. From Facebook to LinkedIn and Instagram to TikTok, we can help you craft and execute a right-sized outreach effort for your business.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys. We are experts in regular outreach to collect customer feedback (operations, sales efforts, competition, and overall brand satisfaction) and other types of customer research.
  • Referral and Retention Programs. Satisfied existing customers are both the greatest source of new prospects through referrals and easier and less expensive to keep than finding new ones.
  • Online Advertising. Yes, on your foundation of solid organic marketing, we can execute paid digital ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other online platforms.
  • Web and App Development. Over the past decade, we have built dozens of high-performing web sites and apps. We involve partners where needed to tackle complicated projects that involve CRM integration, iOS/Android smartphone apps, multiple location support, and more.
  • Marketing Strategy. In support of product launches, start-up enterprise support, and strategic pivots, we have worked across multiple industries from B2B to B2C to help companies grow.

Need something not listed here? We’d enjoy discussing your need and exploring a solution.