Why Choose Rainboost?

How are you getting the word out about your business? Paying for ads? SEO? Crossing your fingers and praying?

Rainboost puts you in front of people who are looking. Nearly every new purchase requires “social proof,” authority, or what we call Word of Mouth 2.0. Today’s version of this builds on the idea of one person advocating to another.

Different than paying for ads, Rainboost ensures you organically stand out by telling your story more broadly and in the right ways. Your story is that your business is real, that you offer what prospects are looking for, and that you have an abundance of satisfied customers. And we build it for you, keep it fresh, timely, and constant—with no heavy lifting on your part.

We deliver the proof that today’s buyers require.

Social Proof = Trust

Based literally on 30 years of in-the-trenches business development, Rainboost combines world-class, proprietary methods to put you in front of the people who are looking! Our clients consistently get in front of more people in the way they trust most—online and on Google.

Call it reputation or evidence or whatever, you simply can’t buy word of mouth—you can only earn it. And nothing works better!

Be Found More

Before Rainboost, whether people found you online has been entirely up to luck or the ad dollars you invest. Pivot now.

Choose Rainboost. Be found.

Getting the Word Out

It’s a stark reality, but if Google doesn’t put you in front of people who are looking, no one will. With the vast bulk of searches originating on Google, you need to show up in the best way possible. Fewer than 10 percent of businesses are doing this correctly.

Rainboost is a dedicated provider of Google optimization and will help you be found organically—meaning naturally and without paid advertising. Our fully managed service amplifies the existing good things about your business and engages your customers/clients to do your marketing for you.

We bring your Google presence to life (locally focused, national footprint)—as much as 300% more leads for some of our clients.


  • Think “Google infusion.” We leverage Google My Business as a portal to embed your business story directly into the Google search engine. On top of this, we confirm your business is correctly listed on dozens of major directories and other search engines.In addition, we produce monthly Google posts containing your current reputation, successes, images, products, services, events, and more. Without Rainboost, Google posts expire after 7 days—our tools ensure posts never expire.
  • Customer testimonials say so much. We optimize and proactively generate direct Google reviews with an ongoing campaign to collect star ratings and testimonial content. The true star of this show is what people are saying about you, which we repurpose in numerous ways.We also collect and evaluate customer sentiment and produce your Net Promoter Score (NPS) to show your real level of customer satisfaction.
  • Tell the world. We publish your expanded story beyond Google through local, national, and world news engines. Your story will make it on Facebook, Google News, Bing, MSN, Yahoo! and numerous others—all sources Google relies on to further recommend your business.

Why Choose Rainboost?

While Rainboost is designed for getting the word out and sustaining positive word of mouth, our service can help you if you need any of the following:

  • Generate leads
  • Repair or enhance your reputation
  • Move away from the constant pressure of blogging, podcasting, or social media posting
  • Launch a new business, new product line, or new service
  • Keep regular customers posted (such as safety updates)
  • Change strategies (such as moving online, expanding your retail footprint, adding a new department)